FAQ: GoNoBot

2024 年 5 月 11 日 星期六(已编辑)
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FAQ: GoNoBot

What is GoNoBot?

GoNoBot is an Internet automatic program. Its role is to access web pages on the Internet and build index databases for academic research, archive and analysis.

What is GoNoBot's User Agent?

GoNoBot now has two different versions, here are their User-Agent headers:

Mozilla/5.0 GoNoBot/1.2.0(+https://www.liuzhen932.top/posts/gono/faq)
Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; GoNoBot/1.1.4; +https://www.liuzhen932.top/posts/gono/faq)

What is the access pressure caused by GoNoBot?

Our GoNoBot follows your robots.txt and won't cause pressure on your website.

How can I prevent my website from being accessed by GoNoBot?

Using robots.txt, you can block our GoNoBot from accessing your website, or block GoNoBot from accessing some files on your website.


User-agent: GoNoBot
Disallow: /
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